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Participant Feedback from Workshops

Kids Running

"This has to be the most useful clinical workshop I have attended in many years. I work with adults and adolescents who experience high emotional arousal around memories of trauma in their lives, and I understand how difficult it is to help these clients.  I was stunned at how quickly Laurie is able to do this using her technique of Radical Exposure Tapping. I am also amazed at how such a seemingly simple technique can precipitate such stunning results in so short a time. Laurie's presentation of this theoretical and clinical workshop was entertaining, informative, and one hundred percent engaging - even though the second day was a Saturday, I am sure nobody at the workshop wanted to be anywhere else. I would highly recommend anyone working in the counselling field to attend Laurie's workshops."
Sharon Reid

"This workshop was excellent in terms of the content and delivery and the usefulness to my practice. It was very well paced, providing an excellent balance of theory, discussion and practice. I was impressed with the respectful manner in which other methods of treating PTSD were critiqued and the use of videos was very elucidating. I also thought the facilitation of the workshop was of a very high standard. Exploring issues of trauma inevitably brings up our own issues, however Laurie created a containing environment that enabled safe exploration. Laurie’s blend of knowledge, openness and warmth made for an experience that was personally and professionally enriching."
Cait Fraser 

"This was excellent training. Laurie presented three frequently used treatment models, CBT, EMDR and EFT. She then provided critiques of these models and synthesised the components of the models that were essential and the components that did not contribute to recovery from trauma. She then presented her model of Radical Exposure Tapping. Having had experience with all of these models I found RET more “user friendly” I was able to use it successfully the following day with an existing client.  The workshop was well presented at a good pace with plenty of practice opportunity and responsiveness to questions. Agendas, timing and goals were well adhered to and Laurie was always friendly and approachable. "
Sue Jeavons

"I found the Deactivating Buttons Workshop to be one of the most worthwhile workshops I have ever attended in my 25 years of practise.  Laurie has a solid knowledge base that underpins her skills and she captured my interest fully.  Laurie draws on her current and past clinical practise, and is in touch with the everyday challenges encountered when providing therapy. I left the workshop with a new set of skills that I need to develop further.  An outstanding feature about this training is that Laurie provides avenues for support post workshop."
Jane Cairo

"Deactivating the Buttons was brilliant. Laurie presented this  material in a safe, clear and comprehensive manner ensuring understanding of each step of the process was understood and practiced. It was amazing to observe and experience the successful outcomes.  I am impressed that Laurie has an online group offering ongoing support to practitioners using this framework. "
Tracey Hanns

"Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the workshop this week.  I have already had my first “real go” an adolescent who gets very distressed when she is not picked up on time at school.  Her reaction was extreme – with uncontrollable tears and she used words like unloved, left alone, teacher gone, tears coming, throat constricted.  She had history of hospitalisation with separations as a toddler- which she doesn’t remember so I wasn’t sure how it would all go. At the end there were no tears and she thought her word unloved seemed a bit extreme, more like just forgotten!!   Anyway I am just so glad we practiced lots as it didn’t seem near as “clunky” when doing the real thing and in fact a bit easier as it was a real trauma impacting often."
Wendy Lauder

"I rated the workshop excellent on every category. My overall experience over the two days was a feeling of being engrossed!  The most useful parts were:  combination of discussion and practise, chatty, relaxed and open style of the presenter, up to date and thorough information and excellent video presentations.  The days felt light even though the topics were heavy and I feel encouraged to carry this experience over into my work with trauma." 
Brenda Irwin 

"Deactivating the Buttons was one of the best hands on, useful trainings I have ever attended. The first day was very useful - learning how memories are stored, history of CBT, EMDR and  EFT extremely useful in learning the actual RET technique. I liked the partner and group practices, however I gained the most insight watching the videos of clients.  It was very powerful to view the method actually working on people and observe the change in clients.   I am very excited about implementing this in my current practice and having a useful and new technique in working with trauma in my toolbox."
Meghan Vooris 

"The workshop, "Deactivating the Buttons", with Laurie MacKinnon was exactly what I had been hoping for.  I really enjoyed the mix of theory, skills practice, discussion and videos.  The material presented was clear and interesting, if not exciting and downright amazing.   The impromptu demonstration by Laurie at the end, was the final cherry on the top.  The time simply flew and I came away with excellent resources and plenty to think about and practice.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to others."
Cathy Bettman

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.  The theoretical and the practical components allowed me to conceptualise and integrate the content in this course.  The handouts were very informative and the video segments were extremely helpful, in terms of understanding how powerful this trauma technique is.  Laurie is a graceful presenter, you will not regret doing this course."
Melissa Saunders

"I went to Dr MacKinnon’s workshop on Radical exposure tapping wondering if I’d be learning Voodoo? In a therapeutic world where we seem to have new theory after new theory with some latest gimmick or some latest “amazing research” that seek to convince us that finally “here is the method”, I must admit I’m growing tired of the sales pitches. However, this is definitely not the case with this workshop.  Dr McKinnon showed her research, demonstrated the model through video, applied the learning from experiential exercises, gave feedback and also did a live demonstration of her work. All these things show an educator who knows her topic, knows its benefits and genuinely wants to pass on her skills. I found this workshop 9 out of 10 on the DWHS (Do Workshops Help Scale) and as such I recommend it. Go with an open mind and see what happens."
Neil Harris

Referenced elsewhere on the web:

"Radical Exposure Tapping is a wonderful stress managment tool which is most effective in PTSD. I have been trained in this approach by Dr Laurie Mackinnon a Canadian who's has nearly 30 years experience in therapy. Laurie has trained in EMDR levels 1, 2 and Masters making her an EMDR Consultant. With this knowledge she also trained in levels 1,2 and 3 of Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT). This has lead to a consolidation of these powerful approaches and sound theories into Radical Exposure Tapping. I highly recommend her training in this method of trauma therapy for ALL clinicians."
Philipa Thornton, Psychological Solutions & Therapies, Australia. (Website:

"I had the benefit of attending a workshop by Dr. Laurie MacKinnon... Unlike exposure therapy, reduction in distress is rapid, often resolving in one session" 
Ms. Paige Abbott, M.Sc., R.Psych., CCH, of Calgary (Website:

"I have introduced Radical Exposure Tapping as a therapeutic tool to help you resolve problems faster...  This approach is very helpful if you are recovering from traumatic events or if you are emotionally reactive in close family or interpersonal relationships and if you are suffering depression and anxiety.
Radical exposure tapping works rapidly, often accomplishing in one session what takes ten sessions of ordinary talk therapy."
Mary Arbique Vogel, MSW, RSW, of Calgary (Website:

"We have introduced Radical Exposure Tapping as a therapeutic tool to help our clients resolve problems faster. This approach is very helpful if you are recovering from traumatic events or if you are emotionally reactive in close family or interpersonal relationships and if you are suffering depression and anxiety. We use this approach very successfully with divorced parents who want to be less reactive with each other. Radical exposure tapping works rapidly, often accomplishing in one session what takes 10 sessions of ordinary talk therapy."
The Mindful Relationships team of Roseville, NSW (Australia)  (Website:

(RET) "combines elements of trauma processing techniques drawn from CBT, EMDR and EFT. It is conceptualized in terms of the neuroscience of memory reconsolidation."
Terry Vaughn of Leichhardt, NSW, Australia, (Website:

"Radical exposure tapping' - this is a form of assisted memory processing and reworking of traumatic events. This technique, when successful, will leave you perhaps still feeling fairly annoyed at your partner's choice to push your buttons, but able to deal with it in a relaxed and effective way."
Vivienne Colegrove, Master of Couple and Relationship Counselling 

 "I have recently completed additional training with LaTrobe University in Radical Exposure Tapping which has been proven to have some amazing results in many cases of complex trauma." 
She also notes, "I think Radical Exposure Tapping may work well with chronic hoarding..."
 Margie Ulbrick, Melbourne Relationship Counsellor writes in healthshare,

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