What is Radical Exposure Tapping ?

Radical Exposure Tapping is a form of exposure therapy that can be used to quickly and effectively resolve memories of disturbing events that fuel PTSD, anxiety, fears, emotional reactivity and patterns of escalating conflict.   


Dr. Laurie MacKinnon developed RET by taking elements of EMDR and EFT and combining them in a unique way. Over many years she has analysed and perfected this technique to bring relief to hundreds of people suffering from PTSD, in a single session.  


She has taught RET to over 1500 mental health practitioners all over Australia as well as internationally and has produced hundreds of videos of live sessions used in the training.

Upcoming Workshops withLaurie MacKinnon Ph.D.
Level One:  Deactivating the Buttons
Introduction to RET


Video Learning

Training Videos


Laurie produces quality videos of real therapy sessions to demonstrate the skills in Radical Exposure Tapping.


You will see these in her workshops and can view more after the training.


The current site provides details about training in RET for professional therapists.


If you are not looking for training but wish to learn more about available RET therapy and practitioners, please visit our other site www.InsiteConsulting.com.au.

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